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Брак                   Flaw

Герб                   Arms, Coat of Arms (in the heraldic sense)

Гербовый          Armorial

Гербовый щит   Armorial Shield (i.e. the shield that contains the coat of arms) 

Губернатор       Governor

Губерния           Province


Гурт                    Edge     Гладкий Гурт        Smooth Edge            Шнyровидный Гурт      Cord-like Edge

                                        Рубчатый Гурт     Reeded Edge            Сетчатый Гурт              Netted Edge

                                        Узорный Гурт       Ornamented Edge     Гурт с надписью          Lettered Edge

Монетноe Отделениe Департамента Государственного Казначейства

                           Monetary Section of the Department of the State Treasury

Hадпиcь             Legend, Inscription

Первоначальный    Original     (e.g. original die) 

Штемпель           Die, Stamp

Указ                    Decree               (edict is also acceptable, but for consistency we will use decree)

Именной указ     Imperial Decree


Sources:     Russian-English Numismatic Dictionary, Randolph Zander, Russian Numismatic Society (1990)     


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Steve Moulding said

at 9:58 pm on Nov 11, 2009

Именной указ --> Imperial Decree
with thanks to V.Arefiev / Dahl "Tolkovyi slovar' zhivago velikoruskago" SPB 1881

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